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MBR Membrane bioreactor

The unique combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration makes MBR technology a viable solution for many municipal and industrial applications.

Features of MBR

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Ultrafiltration plants are designed to treat surface water, tertiary treated effluent, storm water and waste water to achieve potable/process water or may be used as pre-treatment to reverse osmosis.

Features of UF

PVDF : High chemical tolerance ‐ PVDF Polymeric hollow fibers for high strength & chemical resistance allows long membrane life. PVDF fibers for easy cleaning & wet ability that help maintain long term performance .

Low fouling layer : It reduces the fouling tendency on the membrane surface & increases the performance.

High Fiber Strength : Toray new tips method by this technology the strength of fibre is very high to avoid any breakage of fiber.

Out side in : This flow configuration is for high tolerance to feed solids that help to reduce the need for pretreatment process.

72m2 : More area for filtrations reduces the no of modules. Pore size ‐ 0.01 Micron, MWCO: 1,50,000 Dalton.

Warranty : 5 years prorata

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RO (Membrane)

TORAY first began producing Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration spiral wound membrane elements in 1967, starting with cellulose acetate membrane elements.


Toray Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Elements

TORAY first began producing Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration spiral wound membrane elements in 1967, starting With cellulose acetate membrane elements. Today, our product line includes a full range of state-of-the-art cross-linked polyamide composite membranes manufactured under ISO-9001 certification.

. Cross-linked fully aromatic polyamide composite membrane
. Cross-linked polypiperazine polyamide composite membrane
. Cellulose acetate membrane
. High rejection TM700 series, for high salinity brackish water applications
. Ultra low pressure TMH and TMG series for low salinity brackish water applications
. High rejection TM800 series, for sea water applications
. High pressure & rejection TM800H series, for high salinity sea water applications
. Commercial & household 2" to 4" tap water elements
Special Features
Hot water sanitizable elements
Chlorine resistant NF elements
Pre-rinsed ultra pure water elements
Custom-made elements for various special applications


More than 30 years of production experience, thousands of high-performing RO plants throughout the world are the foundation of the excellent reputation that TORAY membrane products have.

Specialty Dairy membrane

Toray Membranes for Dairy, Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Application
Toray manufactures membrane elements for specialty applications at their USA facility Toray Membrane U.S.A (TMUS). We offer Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Microfiltration membrane elements manufactured in sanitary design for applications in Food, Dairy, Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Heat Sanitizable applications. These products are provided using a wide range of materials and feed spacer sizes to best suit your specialty applications. We offer customized molecular weight cut offs for UF and MF. Marketing and sales of these products are through Toray Membrane USA (TMUS) and through Toray Membranes Europe (TMEu), who manages a warehousing facility to enable supply of products from local (European) stock. If you do not see a product below that fits your application please contact Toray and a membrane product specialist will assist you.


Universal System & Sales introduces Unicare Filtration Plants to meet the stringent demands of pure water for domestic & industrial users. EPIPL filters ensure maximum performance while requiring minimum floor space.